Attention, service rétablit

by Cameron Samios

Between the questionable claims and comments, this article shows little care for knowledge of logistics, or human life for that matter. But I won’t write this response article simply bitching, but pointing out the fallacies and explaining why the rant stands no ground. I’ll also ignore the math and grammatical errors.

Let’s start off with Laura’s complaint of Metro Security. She complains that they are not doing their job, for they are never there when people are getting “harassed and abducted”. The reason security is never there when young gangster wannabes do stupid, illegal things is because people aren’t stupid enough to do things like that when security is around! She continues to rant that

“It’s okay for ‘metro police’ to give hundred-dollar tickets to people who don’t charge their OPUS on time”

May I ask you what you would be doing in the Metro if you don’t have a valid OPUS? Entering the Metro without paying is a crime, no wonder you’d get a ticket. She goes on to bitch that Security should prevent tragedies as opposed to “giving a million-dollar corporation more money.” In case you were living on Mars since 1966; you’d know that the STM is in debt every year, and requires both city and provincial funding to even stay running: a “million-dollar in debt public service“.

I find the next point rather horrible to say. Bitching about the people who commit suicide in the Metro. “but why punish poor innocent people that just want to go about their day” is a blatant “no one cares about you, and Joe McNobody‘s morning routine is more important than your death” to the face of someone who is suicidal.

Next is the more common rant of “why can’t the Metro say open 24/7 instead of 5:30-1am.” The answer is simple. Maintenance. There are 28 people who work 12 hour shifts to walk along the Metro tunnels -even as the Metro is open- to listen and look for any potential problems and needed repairs; the STM then immediately upon closing has repair crews fix/replace damaged tracks, electrical systems, repairs to concrete and anything else. It usually takes 4 hours to complete all this and get out in time for opening.

As for the drunk who would use the Metro instead of driving as she claims: What will they do seeing as all buses have stopped running at that time, what will they do with their parking-metered car at the pub? If they do take the Metro as Laura believes they would; how could the STM afford to run the Metro with the maybe 20 passengers during those 4 hours? I doubt drunks would wait 20 minutes for a Metro train, or refrain from vomiting in the Metro, or simply falling in the tracks, which is bad, for she sees suicides or deaths in the tracks as “Just annoying for all of us”

Lastly she bitches about the “Metro Voice”. Yes, you may have eyes and be able to tell what station is next. But the blind don’t have this ability, and I have seen many times someone who is blind or visually impaired use the Metro. But if YOU can see, and you can walk, thus we should remove all escalators and elevators along with the “Metro Voice”.

She finishes by stating that she would rather car-pool than use the “Metro (that) is full of shit… smells like shit, no security and always (has) annoying interruption a.k.a. suicides.” It goes without saying, that the rest of the province would gladly use the Metro, seeing as they are the ones paying for it, and 75% of the bill for the new Metro cars that have been commissioned, so that people like Laura and the rest of us can afford our OPUS passes: if we decide to charge them on time that is.

While Laura is bitching about facts of the Metro: The Montreal Metro remains in the top 5 best subway systems in the world and the most used per capita west of London.


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