Word In The Herd

Should Marijuana be legalised? Why?

“Honestly I don’t care. I stay away from that. My mom told me it’s bad and I trust her opinion”
-Krystel M. Liberal Arts, Fourth Semester
That’s adorable! You’ve never smoked weed because you’re mother told you that it was bad for you and you trust her opinion. Well Krystel, I’m sorry to tell you that your trust is misplaced. I am sure that your mother has also told you that alcohol is bad for you and that boys are nothing but trouble. Despite these warnings I would bet my life on the fact that you have been piss drunk on multiple occasions, and have fucked like a nymphomaniac that has been deprived from dick her entire life. The point that I am trying to prove here is that your mother is not always the best person to ask for advice. Here is what I suggest: go and speak to one of the various drug dealers around Dawsonand buy a three five (should cost you approximatley $35). Then go to your local depanneur and buy some rolling paper. Go on the internet and learn how to roll a joint. Smoke the said joint until you are sufficiently stoned and maybe you will start actually enjoying life.

“Everybody does it so why not?”
-Adriana. Psychology, Fourth Semester
You fucking sicken me. You are the reason that our society is going to shit. Now don’t think that I am judging you because you may or may not smoke pot, I am judging you because you are a fucking follower, part of the flock if you will. What I’m trying to say is you are not an independent thinker…you’re a bitch. I can picture your first experience smoking up. One day you chilled with your friends who decided that they were going to smoke weed. You tried to make a moral stand and say no, but one of your friends looked into your pathetic eyes and said “C’mon Adriana. All the cool kids are doing it.” You agreed and have been a pothead ever since. It is weak minded individuals like you that are the reason that our generation is fucked.

“I don’t care”
Samantha. Night School
I would try and give you a rational and well thought out reason about why your answer is terrible, but you are in night school and probably don’t have the academic abilities to read, let alone understand my argument.

“No, because the government would make weed more expensive.”
-Ira S. General Social, Fourth Semester
I honestly think that you are fucking stupid, which would explain why you are in social science. You would rather save a few extra dollars and worry about getting a criminal record than shelling out a few extra sheckles for  some legal weed. I could not disagree with you more. You probably don’t care about getting a criminal record because you are in social science and have no future but I on the other hand have a future and would like to stop worrying about getting caught by the authorities every time I rip a J.

“I think that it should be legal under the same rules as alcohol”
-Lex A.  Social Science, Sixth Semester
I can’t believe that the best answer that I recieved was from someone in their sixth semester. You have been at Dawson way too fucking long and thus it is evident that you are no stranger to marijuana. Hell you are probably gonna be high while reading this. Regardless of that, I need to give you major props seeing as how you wowed me with your insight. I didn’t know social science students could count past five let alone think up an intelligent response. You have a future kid.

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