Piss OFF!

by Tyler Finigan

End of Semester
Fuck! Just the thought of it riles me up. All the exams, all the papers, the projects. I’m surprised I haven’t seen a suicide note fall out of a Health students binder. Most teachers have barley given you homework during the semester and just because it’s the end of the semester BANG they pile you up with twenty bullshit projects all at once, and not only is it ridiculously stupid, but why does every teacher have to do the same. Every time you finish one paper, another one pops up and every time another one pops up, your teacher puts on a big smile. The kind of smile that says “I don’t give a fuck about how you do, just do it.” Well, guess what… I’m up to my neck in work and I don’t need your pension hungry filangies handing me another thousand word paper to add on to the mindfuck I’m dealing with at home. So stop teaching, put on a movie, let us do our paper and grade us on being there, cause you’re an inch away from finding a shoe lodged inside your toilet hole after your morning shit!


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