Israel Day rally

Montreal’s Jewish community gather to celebrate the establishment of Israel as a state

by Jennifer Attia

The Jewish community of Montreal held the annual rally in honor of Israel’s Independence Day in downtown last Tuesday.

Around 13, 000 people from the Montreal Jewish community gathered in front of the Bay and marched until Phillips Square carrying around flags of Israel, Quebec and Canada. This celebration is also meant to remind people of the alliance Quebec and the rest of Canada had with Israel since its creation.

The United Nations (UN) voted for the establishment of a Jewish state on May 13 1948.

Once at Phillips Square, a few dignitaries from Montréal, including the traditional speeches from Gerard Tremblay, gave the crowd reasons to believe in Montreal’s good intentions towards Israel since every word form every dignitary was followed by a huge applause.

Like every year, Phillips Square had the honor of receiving a great Israeli singer along with animators, dancers and special guests like students from Be’er Sheva, Israel. The Quire from Maimonide elementary school joined the stage as well to sing prayers that their teachers taught them all year long.

“I’ve never seen this many people, and I’ve never seen so many people getting into the spirit of Yom Hatsmau’ut [Independence Day],” said Chaya Levine, a participant of the celebration.

The day ended as usual with the crowd singing O Canada and then with the Hatikvah, the Israel national anthem.


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