Israel Day fair

Dawson Hillel celebrates the Independence Day at school

by Jennifer Attia

As all Montreal celebrated Israel’s Independence Day on Tuesday, April 20, Dawson Hillel planned a smaller celebration for the students who missed the event on Wednesday, April 21 in the third floor cafeteria.

Members of the Dawson Hillel sold falafel and salads along with a big blue and white kosher cake.

The event was organized as a commemoration of the past 62 years that Israel has passed trying to make it to the next year.

“We are here to celebrate Israel’s 62nd Independence Day,” said Dawson Hillel President, Russel Sitrit-Leibovich. “In 62 years, the Jewish people in Israel have built a flourishing modern country, a vibrant democracy, made the deserts bloom, taken in millions of innocents and become a leader in High Technology – and that’s worthy of celebration”

The people who attended the fair had the opportunity to get information about Israel that is not commonly known in the form of books, and DVDs, flyers. The Dawson Hillel members also shared their knowledge about their country.

The traditional Israeli food attracted a lot of people but as soon as they got there, they got dragged into asking more questions about Israel’s short history.

Many Jewish students felt the highlight of the event was being able to celebrate Israel Day and share their pride for their country with one another

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