Attention, prochaine station…Dawson College

by Laura Imperiale

As a frequent Metro user, I’ve witnessed a couple of things that would allow me to say that the STM is full of shit.

First off, I’d like to ask one simple question: Why isn’t there security when and where it’s needed? I’m sick and tired of hearing stories about people getting harassed and abducted in metro stations, because there wasn’t any security. But wait, it’s ok for the “metro police” to give hundred-dollar tickets to people who forget to charge their OPUS card on time right? I find this ridiculous!

Why don’t you so called “metro police” people actually do something worth while? Prevent tragedies from happening as opposed to trying to give a million-dollar corporation more money for no reason. Being a girl, I am scared to take the metro at night because of awkward stalker-like situations.

I’ve been in some of the disturbing stories circulating the news everyday. Just recently, I was at Atwater metro station when this disgusting dirty homeless man said “Hey baby, I see your ass bitch!” I forgot to mention that 10 seconds later he was begging for my money. Are you serious? How stupid can someone be? You just called me a bitch, and you expect me to give you money? Fuck you!

Secondly, for all you saddened, depressed I-hate-my life people, can’t you choose a better time to commit suicide than 7:30a.m.? People need to get to work and school at that time and if you decide that that’s the time you want to die you clearly want to make a statement. I mean it’s one thing to hate yourself, but why punish the poor innocent people that just want to go about their day in a peaceful manner without having to wait in a smelly tunnel for two hours because you just killed yourself?

Metro problems a.k.a suicides or people trying to walk from Guy-Concordia to Peel on the train tracks are so common nowadays that some teachers give their students a 10 minute leeway as to what’s considered being late for a class because of metro problems. It’s just annoying for all of us.

Metro stations are opened from 5:30a.m to 1:00a.m. Why can’t they just stay open for that extra three and a half hours? The hours between 1a.m and 5a.m are when people need rides home the most because they spent all their money getting drunk. The metro would be a fast way to get home right? No. They are closed during these hours. Wouldn’t this prevent drunk driving as well, if people knew that they could take the metro home after a drunken night of partying? And we could also save a lot more money on cab rides home!
How can I leave out our infamous “metro voice.” The lady who tells you which station is next, and not to stand near the doors because they will close them. SHUT UP! I have eyes, I can see what station is next, and I don’t want to have to hear you recite the whole green line with your monotone voice first thing in the morning. I swear, every time I hear “Prochaine station…” my blood boils, not to mention every time she says “Attention…”, I know something is wrong, and I’ll be in that train car for another half hour. If it’s an absolute must to have a “metro voice,” at least pick one that doesn’t sound like a woman dying.

I’ll end this rant by saying the STM, particularly the metro station is full of shit. Not only does it actually smell like shit, but there is no security when it’s needed, and there are always annoying interruptions during your ride no matter where you’re going. Gas is expensive, but if I had a car I’d rather car-pool every morning from the East end, then spend one more day in a metro station!


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