All night long

by Jennifer Attia

How many of you would like Dawson to stay open at night? Let me guess: To study? Preparing for exams? Or, just to do homework? Yes, if you want the school to stay open at night, it’s probably because you need another hour of study. If you want to study at school, it’s because you’re going to stay up anyway from the time you get home until you have to leave again the next morning. Well, might as well stay at school!

Sadly, our school doesn’t stay open that late, so we have to spend our money, sacrifice our nights out, and spend the WHOLE night in the coffee shops of downtown Montreal.

I notice how, at midnight, students in front of their computers start looking more like zombies coming out of Resident Evil. They type without even looking at the keyboard and flip the pages of their books with their minds.

Now the golden rule is: Do not disturb a student who is high on caffeine; the consequences could be terrible. A student whose only best friend at night is coffee is very unpredictable and can get easily irritated. You can recognize someone who needs to go into coffee rehab by the desperate look in their eyes, the sweat caused by the stress of not finishing before 4:30 am, the clothes that are not so clean anymore, and the 135 empty LARGE cups of coffees on the table.

Now let’s look at the economics of this. A large plain coffee costs at least two dollars. Realistically speaking, a student will buy five or six coffees during their study time. That makes between 10 to 12 dollars spent in one night. In a week, that would cost a student more than 70 dollars in coffee. 70 dollars is working for eight hours at minimum wage. I find it outrageous. People, go buy yourselves a big can of coffee; that’ll be around five dollars. Go home; use the coffee machine; lock yourself in your room and carve “Do not disturb” on your door. Or, wouldn’t it just be easier to have the school stay open at night?


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