Spider babies

Sustainable Dawson sets up booth to sell plants

by Chris Sammons

Sustainable Dawson, a student-driven and action-based community at Dawson, is collaborating with Rachel Jancikis’ student-led “spider plants” project during  Earth Week celebrations taking place this week.

“We’re using donations of spider plant babies,” said Cindy Elliot, Sustainability Coordinator at Sustainable Dawson. “Plantlets are created when the plant gets root bounded or starts to get crowded. To avoid this, it shoots out plantlets (shrubs) and these can be cut off and rooted in soil to start another plant.”

The project was not Sustainable Dawson’s idea, but the brain-child of Jancikis, a CRLT Program Design  student at Dawson.
“A lot of student projects come to us and [we] are the resource links.” Elliot said. “This one was with spider plants. They take out air pollution.”

“One plant is capable of taking out 86% of chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide in under an hour,” he added. “ It’s a great idea for Earth Day.”

Spider plantlets were donated in the water bowl outside of Elliot’s office in 3F.2-7. During Earth Week, Sustainable Dawson is featuring a booth of the plants in Conrod’s.

“We’ll be selling the plantlets that were donated to us in Conrod’s.” Elliot said,  “If you’re interested, we will have more information on how to go green! We have just started the greenhouse initiative and as of today, we have 45 students signed up that are interested in sustainable gardening. We will hold a workshop on seeding, transplanting and plant care [soon].”

More information can be found on the Sustainable Dawson bulletin board just outside of Conrod’s, which has all the latest Sustainable Dawson updates.

“We’ve initiated 200 projects already,” Elliot said. “So there’s bound to be more.”


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