Punching Plastic in 2C hallway

Students take out frustration by putting holes near Dawson’s club space

by Audrey Meubus

Several patches of plaster lining the walls of the 2C hallway, near the Dawson Club spaces, have raised concern.

“People are punching holes in the walls,” said DSU President Carl Perks. “There are at least thirteen or fourteen patches as you walk along the hallway.”

Most of these patches are found around room 2C.11, which includes the Chill Club, Comimé and Sci Fi club, and are mainly found in the wall features.

Dawson security confirms that they are aware of the problem but refused to comment further on the subject.

Several students reacted very strongly when hearing about the vandalism.

“Okay, some people need help, seriously,” said second semester student Justine C said. “That’s just the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“I don’t understand people who destroy property, espeically property that doesn’t belong to them,”fourth semester Commerce student Tiffany Kannia said. “Only crazy, violent people put holes in walls.”

Others have noticed these patches of white paint, but have not been particularly bothered by the increasing amount of them.

“There’s even a patch on the ceiling,”Andrès M.C., a fourth semester Cinema and Communications student said.“That’s pretty weird.”

It would seem that disgruntled and careless students would be taking out their end of semester angst on the corridor walls. While some of the holes are possibly accidental, this reckless behavior is not being taken lightly by Dawson administration.

Director of Plant and Facilities Drago Kresevic wished to remind students that this is their school and it is their job as a community to keep it clean and maintained.

“We are using our cameras to find the individual or individuals that may be committing these [acts of vandalism],” Kresevic said.

Students with any information are encouraged to come forward to Plants and Facilities, and should be assured that any information that they provide will be kept anonymous.

“We don’t want people ratted out,”Kresevic said.


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