Eyes on the DSU

The Union covers topics ranging from overseeing Hillel Dawson’s elections and the CFS annual general meeting

by Sean Tepper

The Dawson Student Union (DSU) held a brief meeting last Wednesday in 8A.7 where they discussed a change of membership in the CFS oversight committee, slight changes in the DSU bookkeeper’s contract, overseeing Hillel Dawson’s elections, and chose which executives were to attend the CFS annual general meeting.

The meeting began with current DSU President Carl Perks submitting his letter of resignation from the CFS referendum oversight committee.

“As my term as president is coming to an end, I find it fitting that I should no longer sit on the committee,” said Perks. “I am confident that my successor will ensure a fair and legitimate referendum for our membership.”

As a member of the CFS referendum oversight committee, Perks’ job was to discuss and implement the rules and regulations of the upcoming CFS referendum. Current VP of Finance and future DSU Chairperson Ariel Charney will replace Perks on the committee.

Following Perk’s resignation from the CFS oversight committee, the DSU discussed which executives should attend the CFS annual general meeting, where CFS members discuss their budget and tuition fees among other topics.

After a short discussion, Executive Director Mathieu Murphy-Perron, future Director of Internal Affairs and Advocacy Nadia Kanji and future Deputy Chairperson Amanda Arella were elected to attend CFS annual general meeting.

The DSU then went into an in-camera session where they discussed how they will intervene in Hillel Dawson’s upcoming elections and how it would be logistically possible for them to oversee it.

While the executives had no comment on why they were overseeing the elections, it may be due to the controversy that was caused earlier in the semester, when Hillel Dawson’s president, Russell Sitrit-Leibovich, posted a controversial anti-gay article on Facebook. The article offended many Dawson students and had them questioning Hillel Dawson’s leadership.

Before the meeting’s conclusion, the DSU went into another in-camera session, where they renewed their Bookkeeper’s contract.

“We changed our Bookkeeper’s contract to better suit his needs,” said DSU President Carl Perks.


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