Down by the water

Water-themed art pieces the focal point of new exhibit

gallery review by Katrina Caruso

Eva Lapka’s art show Eau, showcasing her water-themed sculptures and watercolour paintings, debuted on April 7 at Galerie Bernard (3926, Saint Denis).

Lapka, a local Montreal artist, is known for her three dimensional art, and for good reason; the sculptures in the exposition are masterfully crafted out of sandstone and glaze, creating human figures which resemble waterfronts in the winter.  The sculptures have a great sense of motion with their curved and warped bodies, and predominant spinal chords. Lapka’s sculptures and watercolours worked well to create an overall sense of the theme of water.

When the director of the gallery, Mireille Lamarre, first saw the watercolours in Lapka’s studio, she recognized their creative value and wanted them for the show. While the watercolours are not as impressive as the lovely sculptural figures, they do tie in well with the overall theme and have a playful quality to them.

“I think she [Lamarre] was right, I think they go very well together,” said Lapka of her pieces, which reference the body and the conscience.

The show’s stealers, though, are two miniature sculptures, darker in colours and depicting bodies, titled Au bord de l’eau l’a nuit, which capture the idea of water in the nighttime.

Lapka chose to work with water because she finds inspiration in the meditative qualities of the waterfront.

“When you are in water you can forget everything. And you feel so free, you don’t feel your body, and I can sit by the water for hours and hours and I can forget all the world, and I think it’s so beautiful. I think it’s an inspiration for all artists, like musicians, poets and writers… because when you’re by the water you can leave your mind wander,“ said Lapka.

The entirety of the pieces, which consisted of the two miniature sculptures, a handful of larger ceramic sculptures and 15 watercolour images, took her 3 to 4 years to complete.

“To do this whole exhibition it always takes a couple of years, because you can only do so many pieces in a year, plus it’s just the beginning of the year, almost, “said Lapka.

Lapka’s pieces will be on exhibit until May 9, after which Claude Chaussaud’s art works will be shown starting on May 26 at the gallery situated in the Plateau, not far from Sherbrooke metro.

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