Avatar leading by example

Protecting the balance of life is something we can learn from Avatar

by Chloe Nudo

James Cameron visually created a masterpiece when it comes to the movie Avatar, but what about the underlying message and the lessons we could learn from this world of beauty.

This week, Dawson is taking part in the celebration of Earth Week with school activities, but mostly on raising the awareness of our Earth’s current state. When this week comes about most people want to care and try to do something good for the earth, but it doesn’t usually last long.

Avatar was a movie that showed a life where the planet and the creatures were connected spiritually but also physically. This physical attachment that the Avatars must make when riding their dragons or doing something else with the earth increases their view of how important it is to be united with their homeland.

“If humans were physically connected to the earth I don’t believe we would act different because of our nature,” Michael Peronace, a fourth semester Commerce student said. “Right now we know we have to change our ways but we’re not. No one cares enough because we’re not dead or dying.”

Movies can sometimes inspire people to change, or give enough information, so that we’re bothered by the truth and motivated to do something.

“When Al Gore came out with his documentary An Inconvenient Truth, the information he provided us with, for a brief moment of time raised our awareness concerning environmental issues,” Michael Baillieul a fourth semester Commerce said.

He further explained how people will care when you throw out facts that scare them, but until they see it firsthand it’s hard to change habits.

At a time when climate change is a hot topic, with the Copenhagen Climate Talks, and new bills trying to be passed to reduce pollution, everyone wants to change, but no concrete actions are being taken to ensure positive outcomes.

“Political disagreements should not hinder environmental co-operation,” said Shimon Peres, the Israli President, during one of the Copenhagen discussions. “Carbon molecules carry no passport. Rivers require no visa. Pollution travels with them. All of us – Jews, Muslims and Christians – pray that the Jordan River will flow, fresh and holy,”

In the movie we see similar conflicts that our planet is going through, as in choosing the environment over money. We seem to have the idea that we are more powerful than Mother Nature.

As with many movies, Avatar also has a video game to go along with it where players can chose to be Na’vi characters (Avatars) or humans.

“You can play as a Na’vi, or an avatar, on the blue team,” said James Cameron, explaining the contrasts between choosing human or Avatar. “Or you can play as a human, and have all these great weapons and guns, and amps and big router craft gun ships, or u can play as a Na’vi and fight the guys with all the missiles and stuff with a bow and arrow.”

A clear example of human empowerment is seen where humans are given massive weapons and avatars must rely on primitive weapons. Is the battle between humans and Mother Nature ever going to cease or will neither side give in and stubbornness shall end it all?


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