The Habs are in it to win it

by Bianca Brais

Hockey is like a religion, not everyone believes in it, but those who do live their lives filled with optimism. Being optimistic is the main word to describe how Habs fans should feel. It would be easy to listen to non-believers who think our team sucks, but truth is, they’re amazing! The Canadiens worked hard to get to the playoffs. Sure, they’ve recently had a few pathetic games, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from praising them for getting this far. That being said, I believe with my heart and soul, as a true Habs fan, that we have great chances of beating the Washington Capitals. When we kick Washington’s ass, that’s when the real journey begins. Montreal will sky rocket to the top!

Something people have to understand is that when it comes to the post-season, anything can happen. In 2002 when Montreal finished 8th and Boston finished 1st, Montreal won. This is a perfect example that miracles happen.

The Habs have nothing to lose, all the pressure is on the Capitals. Washington is the team that finished the season with the most points and goals scored in the league; therefore, the Capitals need to make sure they don’t underestimate the Montreal Canadiens.

This past season, these two teams have met four times. Washington won twice and Montreal won twice. The total goals scored against each other during the four games were 15 for Washington and 14 for Montreal. There isn’t a major difference here. The Habs shouldn’t be judged based on their last few games.

If the Habs are able to shut down Ovechkin and manage to play disciplined hockey, forcing Washington into commiting an abundance of penalties, the series might be surprising. Montreal has one of the best power plays in the league while Washington finished 25th in the league in penalty killing.

Jose Theodore, who is known for struggling against the Habs, will be in the nets for Washington. However, we don’t know who will be   goaltender for Montreal. In my opinion, it will be Halak. Even though he hasn’t played against the Capitals this year at all, he does have the experience of playing in high pressure games like he did in the Olympics.

Hockey’s a way of living. Believe in our Canadiens team, have a little faith and they will go to the next round. Trust me, they won’t disappoint us.


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