Rants Of The Week

Doggy Business

by Kalika Hastings

As a dog owner, I understand the laziness that kicks in at 8 o’clock in the morning when your loveable furry friend scratches impatiently at the front door asking for his walk. I sympathize especially with those of us who have 8 o’clock classes with parents who believe in “taking responsibility for our own actions.” (A.k.a: You wanted a dog? Get up and walk it.)

Before owning a pooch of my own, I was appalled at the number of piles of shit I’d have to navigate around on my way to catch the bus. But, now, I am utterly frustrated to be amongst the few who wake up early and pick up after my dog.

Ever since the new regulations on plastic bags at grocery stores, there has been more dog poop on the streets around the city. This is maybe an understandable excuse for the impoverished dog owners of Montreal but, really, how pathetic is that? Fortunately, we have Dollarama. Each store has an aisle devoted to pet products, including a pack of 50, scented, disposable doggie bags for just a little over a dollar. Now, that’s reasonable!
Another thing, please stop taking advantage of our four seasons; just because it’s a snowy day doesn’t mean it won’t eventually melt. How can one appreciate those occasional warm days of winter when all we see are the remains of what I like to call winter fossils, more commonly known as three-week old pieces of dog shit.

And why is it that on the most unbearable days of the week there seems to be more leftovers on the ground? Is it because there are less people on the streets to criticize your lack of civility?  Or is it because you’d like to get back at everyone sitting at home enjoying their warm cup of coffee on such a dreadful morning? I would have to quote my mother on this one, “Take responsibility for your own actions,” and pick up after your dogs please.


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