Questions? Leave It To The Skanks

Am I abnormal????????
Sometimes when I am just about to or in the middle of having an orgasm I temporaily black out like for a few seconds. Am I messed up?

From orgasmic blur/ CALL / 2nd semester

Dear orgasmic blur,
Any amount of seconds missed during your orgasm is WAY too many. Missing out on something so heavenly is practically blasphemy. DRASTIC TIMES CALL FOR DRASTIC MEASURES. You need to get your sorry-little-passing-out-ass to a doctor ASAP, or else risk missing out on those golden moments of your life.

English is not my main tongue. Can you explain to me his meaning? He said he is busting my chops. His exact wordings is quote “I’m just busting your chops” end quote. Thanks
From ChopBusted / Pure and Applied / 4th semester

Dear ChopBusted,
If “he”, whoever this pervert is, used the term “busting chops”, we know that you probably ended up having an awful night.  Wipe your face babe, gather up what little dignity you’ve got left, and walk away before you get blinded.

My bf and I have decided to use birth control and are no longer using condoms. For men, does this deepen their attachment? I feel on a woman’s part that we are giving more trust to the person by doing this and gaining a deeper connection. But what about men?

From Hopelessly Devoted / Photography / 2nd semester

Dear Hopelessly Devoted,
Looks like you’re also hopelessly clueless; if your man tells you that he feels closer to you because he isn’t wearing a condom, he isn’t entirely lying.  But the kind of closeness involves his feelings down below more than his feelings for you.  Don’t be upset, though; just make sure you’re both clean and it’ll be fine.  No real skank likes getting fucked by rubber anyways.


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