P.A.R.C. starts offering golf lessons

by Carl Perks

Last Wednesday, the first of many golf lessons began in P.A.R.C, -1H.4, at Dawson College.

Taught by golf pro Joel Tyrrell, the class lasted two hours and catered to golfers of all levels.

‘‘This class is for everyone, from people who have never picked up a golf club to people who have a handicap and want to exercise it.’’ Jesse Binstock said, who organises these courses.

The lessons cost $45 per student and $90 for the general non-collegiate populace. This is due to subsidies from the Student Activity Fund. The lessons actually cost $90 per person but the fund compensates students with half of the price of the class. ‘‘Wow, that’s so cheap for golf lessons’’ Pearl Long Ngoc, fifth semester psychology student, said.

Binstock also qualifies this as a phenomenal deal, his philosophy is: ‘‘You join until you don’t think it’s worth paying 45$ for what you’re learning anymore’’ because as he says: ‘‘You only have to pay once’’.

A slight hiccup in scheduling will cause the golf lessons to end on May 5 instead of the 12. This is due to a conflict of space and time with the early English Exit exams.

Many interested students where surprised by the lack of advertising for the lessons: ‘‘I didn’t see any posters for this, if I had seen ads, I’d already be part of the class!’’ Alain Theriault, second semester social science student, said.

If you’re interested in the class, drop by the P.A.R.C desk (1H.4), no matter who you are, you might find a reason why this lesson is made for you, as put by Stefano B. DiRaddo, sixth semester independent studies student: ‘‘It’s crucial for anyone going in business, you should learn golf, it’s a good way to close a deal with another business executive.’’


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