Dawson athletes focus on the future

Student-athletes train hard in an effort to best last year’s performances

by Tanya Boyce

Dawson College athletes are preparing for next year’s season as they begin to plan their off-season schedule.

Student-athletes from rugby, soccer, basketball, and hockey have begun their off-season training in the hopes of maintaining their current physical condition as well as to improve and perfect their skills. Many of Dawson’s athletes have already planned specific activities that will aid them in their respective sports. Despite the disappointments that they have faced during the season, athletes are enthusiastic for the upcoming year.

“Our coach gave the team a workout guideline to follow. We lost the provincials and it was a disappointment, so we’ll be working towards changing that,” said Jonathan Pietrandea, a defenseman for the AAA men’s soccer team. “Next year, it’s nothing but the nationals.”

Aside from the eagerness of athletes to advance and expand their abilities, athletes stress the importance of training.

“We didn’t do as well as we would have liked and so training will be a priority for sure,” said Shauna Murphy of the women’s hockey team. “During the summer I’ll be focussing on improving my cardio and muscular abilities. It’s going to be important that we all strive to improve.”

This is the first year that Dawson’s AA women’s hockey team did not make it to the playoffs. Although this year may have been disappointing, Scott Lambton, the head coach for the women’s hockey team, is optimistic about the future.

“We finished fifth this year but you cannot fault the girls for effort,” said Lambton. “We had bad puck luck.”

Lambton explained that the women’s hockey team will be training once a week with a trainer. During the summer, each player will be given a developed program to follow. “Every program will be individually focussed on what each player needs to work on,” said Lambton. “Next year is going to be different. We’re going to be better prepared. We’re going to make it known that the players need to be in shape.” Lambton explained that it is crucial to communicate with the players and to make them aware of what type of shape they need to be in.

“We’re going to let them know what they need to do to be in the ideal shape. They need to be in shape before the serious training so that when we do start next year it’s not about getting back into shape. It’ll be about improving the essential skills,” said Lambton

Athletes are aiming to control and retain their physical condition to ensure that next year’s training will not be to relearn their skills, but to advance them. In addition to this, many of the athletes will be playing for other teams during the summer to stay in shape.

“I’ll be playing for the Blues Hounds this summer,” said Janice Quintos of the women’s AAA basketball team. “Actually, most of the girls will be playing with them so we’ll all be practicing and strengthening what we need to.”

Dawson’s athletes are persistent on keeping themselves active and have a positive attitude towards their next season’s performance.
“Some of the players will definitely be playing at rugby clubs around Montreal,” said Trina Bird of the women’s rugby team. “Some will be even playing for Quebec this summer.”

The women’s rugby team defeated John-Abbott’s team for two years in a row and is aiming to make it a third year.

“Aside from joining clubs to stay in shape, we’re going to be focussing on improving our skills and staying committed to the game. Commitment to the team is important,” said Kadina McKenzie of the women’s rugby team. “We’re also going to nationals in August.”

Although athletes are preparing for training during the summer, they strain the pertinence of remaining active year round. With the guidance of their coaches, athletes are given an emphasis on what improvements need to be made.

Athletes are expecting to make improvements over all aspects and correct any weaknesses. By focussing on building their abilities, staying in proper shape, and developing specific training guides, Dawson athletes will be bringing a positive attitude to next year’s events.


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