bitch SLaPP’d

by Bianca Brais

Can a girl ask a guy out? Can she go up and simply say, “Would you like to go to the movies with me?” Can a girl do that? Is she allowed? Or is that going against a code or breaking some sort of rule? I think that’s a legitimate question.

What’s a girl supposed to do if she’s interested in a guy? This goes beyond dating and relationships; I’m wondering how you make it clear to someone that you like them. My friend always told me, if the guy likes you or is slightly interested you will know. Apparently, a girl shouldn’t ask a guy out. Still, you wonder, what if the guy is shy? Does that mean that nothing will ever happen?

‘‘Guys ask girls out, from generation to generation, men ask women out, that’s that,’’ Yoan, a fourth semester student said. However, there’s an Irish tale that says every leap year, on February 29, girls can ask guys out with no worries.  But, it’s just a legend.

I guess if it clicks, it clicks. There’s no explanation for that. What’s a girl supposed to do, wait around? I know that’s how I am. I’m Italian; I was raised like that. “You don’t go running after the boys, they go running after you,” my grandfather would tell me, taking a sip of his homemade wine.

Is that how it really works today? Some girls just throw themselves at guys. I know of people who skip the awkward, “should I take the first step phase.” Is it really as simple as getting drunk and making out with the first guy that attracts you? There has to be another way! Because, when I like someone, there’s no way I’d ever have the confidence to randomly go up and kiss him without having talked to him first. Where’s the romance in that?

The problem is that girls don’t want to nag; they don’t want to seem annoying! I guess a girl can start a conversation, but she can’t appear to be clingy? But what’s a girl to do when she’s full on attracted to a guy? Ignore her feelings? Wait for him to wake up and ask her to the movies?
It’s hard taking the first steps to talk to a guy you don’t know. Have you ever felt your face flush when he talks in class or looks in your direction? What about when he walks down the hallway; don’t you feel your heart in your throat and think that you’ll throw up! Dating, love, relationships, flings . . . Anything that has to do with guys is confusing. I don’t even have an opinion. Only unanswered questions!


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