Homesick are we?

Florida’s hardcore punksters whip up Montreal

by Ashley Coillard and Tyler Finnigan

The crowd spun into a frenzy at Metropolis this Tuesday night as A Day to Remember ripped into songs from their latest album Homesick.

A full house showed up awaiting to be pleased by the sounds of Veara, Enter Shikari and the brutal beatings of August Burns Red, before getting a chance to feast on the main course; ADTR.

The set list featured songs from three of their albums such as “You should of killed me when you had the chance” and “Fast forward to 2012”. Recognizing each track, the audience belted out the words all the while struggling to keep their feet on the ground.

The band was introduced by a lively video of them heckling their front man Jeremy Mckinnon on stage. With all members present, the screen displayed their initials and ADTR launched into action with their first song “The Downfall of Us All”. The intensity of the performance was reflected in the venue by reactions from the crowd as mosh pits were formed during the break downs and hands flew to the sky for the ballads.

Spastic light shows and rhythmic stage moves top off the sounds of ADTR’s iconic mixing of pop punk vocals and chugging metalcore riffs.

The band even went as far as covering the song “Over My Head” from the Fray which got the crowd wooing to its excitement.

The lesser known bands surprised the crowd with what they had to show. Enter Shikari from England, mixed techno with pop and punk all at once using a keyboard to give a raving feel to their performance. On the other hand, Veara had a crazy bassist who didn’t stop jumping throughout their whole set list and had its own members follow his steps.

For the encore, the band played songs from their new album such as “I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What are you Made of?” “If it means a lot to you” and ended the night off with their famous “The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle.”

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