Sticky situation

Plant & Facilities find massive amounts of gum under desks

by Darren Usher

What do you do when you’re in a sticky situations?

Drago Kresevic, Director of Plant & Facilities believes that you respond to the public, as an approximate amount of 150 pounds of chewing gum was found underneath desks and tables of 105 Dawson College classrooms this past month.

The large amount surprised many members of the Dawson administration.

“That quantity is the equivalent to a regular sized human,” said Director of Student Services Paul Rastelli. “[Plant & Facilities] also stated that this procedure to remove chewing gum out of the classroom is done over a 15-month period.”

“I think it added up to half a pail of gum per classroom,” said Kresevic.

Many Dawson students were outraged by the possibility that some of their other classmates may still be placing gum underneath tables.

“It’s not like it’s against the rules to chew gum,” said fourth semester Cinema, Video & Communications Stephanie Lebel.  “So if it isn’t the fear of getting punished, it must be that we’re all too lazy to get up and walk to the trash can that’s located in every classroom.”

“The only thing that does surprise me is that there was that much,”  Colleen Dempsey, a fourth semester Literature student said.

Although many were confused that this amount of chewing gum could build up  over a year’s time, others were not.

“It’s pretty gross, but I’m not surprised”, said fourth semester Cinema, Video & Communications student Alex Maldoff. “To be honest, I’ve stuck my gum under the table a couple times, and that shit accumulates.”

Sustainable Dawson has also been attempting to create awareness through their Conservation Action program.

“When you see all the gum stuck underneath [the tables], you can understand,” said Kresevic. “If we minimise this activity, we can go a long way.”

Dempsey believes that the student population should really consider the effects of what they are doing.

“Imagine. 15 months and that much gum?” Dempsey said. “ Dawson students should start respecting their environment.”


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