Red Flag Wavin’

Billy Talent takes Montreal by storm with electric set

by Ashley Couillard

Billy Talent came to Montreal as part of their Canadian tour to promote their newest album Billy Talent lll. The album stays true to their neo-punk sound combining catchy hard rock riffs with energetic drum beats and vocals.

The show featured some songs off the album but it was the older songs that captivated the crowd.  To start things off, Billy Talent ran on stage blasting their way into an aggressive and lively version of “Devil in a Midnight Mass,” sending the crowd running to the guard rails. Singer,Ben Kowalewicz screamed his way in and out of the chorus, giving the song an edgier more antagonistic feel.

After the first few songs Kowalewicz communicated quite a bit with the audience by telling us that it has now been 17 years that Billy Talent has been together and it’s been eight years of touring.   “Did you guys know that I’m from Montreal, Pierrefond actually, but since I’ve been living in Toronto for 20 years I’ve become a Leafs fan…hey don’t boo me, at least you guys have a spot in the playoffs while we’re dead last.” Kowalewicz said.

Soon after engaging with the audience the band got right back on track while wooing the audience with more tracks such as “Rusted From the Rain” and “Surrender.”  The band brought on a little help by calling singer Dallas Green on stage from Alexisonfire to sing “Surrender” and Tom Gabel from Against Me to sing “Turn Your Back.”

To end the show off with the encore the band played “Devil On My Shoulder” while singer Kowalewicz came out with devil horns which got the crowd laughing, and then ended with the last two songs “Fallen Leaves” and “Red Flag.”  Billy Talent had no problem with the crowd as it never died. Mosh pits and crowd surfing went on throughout the whole show. However, the never ending excitement could have been prolonged. Already disadvantaged with an early start of 6:45. The Cancer Bats should have been allocated more time along with Against Me and Alexisonfire, but managed to pump the audience with their mind melting songs.

Each band that played up on stage was Canadian except for Against me who are from Florida, but, nonetheless, they all fit perfectly with the crazy and wild hard rock of Billy Talent.


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