No spark for Europe trip

Dawson students show lack of interest in the Europe Trip due to money and school-realted issues

by Melina Giubilaro

The Spanish tapas. The Roman piazzas. The history and architectural buildings. The art galleries and rooftop terraces. These are all highlights of the Dawson Europe Trip, but if student interest doesn’t pick up, all this may be but fantasy.

The Europe Trip is a cultural visit for nine days where students will walk through cities such as Rome, Florence, Pisa and Barcelona. If students would like to visit Madrid they might extend the trip for two more days.

“I started talking about the idea of a possibility of a Europe trip to Mrs. Barreca and after further research we got it done,” said Languages teacher and organizer Santina Montagano. “Initially we had a lot of people coming to our meetings [which were] held every month. We wanted to limit the number of students of approximately 12 students but we were unsuccessful.”

“Students usually take a Europe trip in highschool and if it’ll be the same kind of trip, then why spend the money again,” Graphic Design student Robin Kurtz said.

In fact, students showed interest but then quickly rejected the trip because of money and school related issues.

“One of my students wants to take summer courses so that he’ll have less of a load in September and another student spent all of her money at Christmas time and won’t have sufficient money for the trip,”   Francesca Barreca, Languages teacher and organizer explained.

“I think students like to work in the summer and make money instead of spending a lot of money on a trip organized with the school,” Languages student Olivier Bertrand said.

“Initially it was really for the purpose of taking only our Language students but then we saw that the interest wasn’t as high within the students in our classes so we expanded it to the whole community at Dawson,” Barreca said.

The date of the trip has changed from June 16 to June 13 until June 21. There are currently four students who enrolled in the trip therefore only one teacher will participate in the trip. They’ll be paired up with other groups from different schools following a tour guide. There is no profit being made and the price of the trip is $3,273, which includes two meals a day, transportation, hotels and entry to museums.

“This was our first attempt in organizing a trip. It has proven itself to be a little difficult.  I take some of the blame for the situation we are in,” said Montagano. “For instance we could’ve done things differently like start earlier and ask students to commit and ask them for a deposit within a week but it’s a work in process.”

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