Les aventurures du LAPIN CHAUD

To be a “Lapin Chaud”: To be a man who has game. In this case, more game than you. This is why they call me the Lapin Chaud.


It’s not the easiest thing guys. You have to be ready to be shut down and humiliated, but don’t worry, with time you’ll get it.

1) Spot the girl you want to take home.
When you’re looking for your target, pay really close attention to what girls are wearing. If she’s wearing very loose clothing, it’s probably because she has something to hide (she’s fat – abort mission). Another thing to look out for is the push up bra; usually, a really good sign of someone who’s DTF but, also someone who’s trying compensate for something she doesn’t like about her body, and emphasizes on her boobs so that boys hook up with her so she can feel better about herself. But, don’t get me wrong; sometimes a girl can have a great set of tatas and just wants to show them off. French girls are also really easy and Fouf’s on Fridays is where they congregate. Try to stay away from jail bait; they’re the ones that get clingy.

2) After spotting your target, be sure she knows you’re alive, and by this I mean make eye contact.

3) Walk over to her and say: “What’s your name?” If she tells you her name go in for a hand shake and introduce yourself.

4)Ask her what she’s drinking.
You can tell a lot about a girl by what she’s drinking. If she’s drinking stuff like: sex on the beach/vodka cranberry, orange/amaretto sour/cosmo and all those girly drinks that you, as a male, would never drink in public, then it means she’s most likely DTF. If this girl is drinking something like a gin & tonic/vodka on the rocks/manhattan/martini she’s probably more sophisticated and it will be harder to get into her pants, but all the more worthwhile. Girls that drink beer get drunk really fast so stay close to them as a fall back to your original plan.

5) After she tells you what she’s drinking, nod and say something along the lines of: “Alright,” so it looks like you give a shit. She may ask you what you’re drinking. Ideally in this situation you shouldn’t have a drink and let her help you decide what to drink, if she doesn’t ask you what you’re drinking ask her if she’d be down for some shots. Usually girls agree to this but in order to make sure you get somewhere have her bring some of her girlfriends with so you have something to fall back on. Getting laid can be expensive.

6) Find the girl that suits your criteria and get her drunk. Get yourself drunk in the process as well.

7) Take her to your house or go to hers. Guys, if you live with your parents, don’t be scared to bring her home, nail her, and have her leave after. You may be thinking: “But my parents are going to be mad!” Shut up and be a man. Your parents can’t forbid you from having sex. If you go to the girl’s house make sure you fuck her quietly, her dad or if she has brothers will fucking kill you.

8) Use a condom.

9) After you’re done don’t give her your number unless you absolutely want to see her again. If she asks where it is tell her it’s broken and take her number down so she feels as though you’ll call her.

Hope all this helps.

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