Eyes on the DSU

The Union covers topics ranging from the referendum to the Sugar Shack outing

by Katrina Tortorici

The Dawson Student Union (DSU) held a brief meeting on Wednesday, March 31 concerning the Quality of Education Committee (QEC), the water bottle campaign, the International Women’s Day bake sale, the Humanitarian Aid Committee, the DSU Special Referendum, the Spring General Assembly, and the upcoming Sugar Shack outing.

The first topic discussed was the QEC. They went over the flexibility in changing final examination dates at Dawson along with cheating and plagiarism policies.

Humanitarian aid trips that are to be implemented for next year were also discussed.

The QEC had recently filled one of their two seats but require another student to fill in the remaining seat. The chosen student would sit on the Executive body that reviews plagiarism policies, exam procedures, pedagogical dates and other issues that affect the student body.

During the next few weeks, the DSU will be collecting water bottles every week between Monday and Thursday to decorate the atrium. A chandelier of water bottles will be created and hung for students to visualize the amount of water bottles actually consumed, hopefully acting as an eye-opener for consumers.
The DSU is searching for volunteers for the progressive elimination of the sale of bottled water on campus campaign.

The Sexual Equality bake sale, held by the DSU made $160, which will be given to Chez Doris, a woman’s shelter in Montreal. The bake sale charged women $0.80 and men $1 to make people aware that, even today, inequality exists.

The Humanitarian Aid Committee is offering volunteer opportunities for Dawson students to travel abroad, and are presently accepting applications.
The DSU is holding its special referendum for Student World Outreach, an organisation that would help Dawson students participate in humanitarian aid and donations to Third World countries. The membership to this organisation would incur fees of a dollar per student, forcing this membership to be voted on by the student body on both April 26 and April 27. Five percent of the students’ votes are required for the joining of this organisation.

The Spring General Assembly took place on April 8, where an auditor was appointed for next year.

The University of Saskatchewan, also known as the first nation school, is being shut down for lack of funding; making it the first university ever to be forced into closing its doors in Canada. The Federal Government has allotted enough money for the students to finish their academic year until Aug 31. Meanwhile, students in Saskatchewan are organising a sit-in to protest. It is crucial for Dawson and other schools to be sent out to Ottawa to convince the government to allot more funding to this patrimonial school, the biggest first-nation school in North America.

In their meeting, the V.P. Communication and Media, Gregory Sheppard, mentioned Rouge Media, an advertising company that approached them last week, wishing to run advertisements on the DSU website. After their meeting with the DSU had ended, the representative, who did not disclose his name, left his company’s business card and, to the DSU’s astonishment, handed them an envelope of tickets to Bromont skiing. But we do not accept bribes,” Sheppard said.

The Érablière au Toit Rouge Sugar Shack event will be taking place on April 23. There will be a reduced fare of $10 per student, including transportation.


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