Dawson’s musical gameshow

Trivia contest draws in small crowd at Oliver’s

by Anna Frey

Tune it Out, a musical gameshow, was held last Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. in Oliver’s, welcoming students to attempt to win prizes by guessing the title and recording artist of various pieces of music.

The event was organised by fourth semester CRLT student Felicia Kelly. She was inspired by the success of television shows such as Don’t Forget the Lyrics and decided that this form of game would work well at Dawson.

The action started half an hour late, as the room was being occupied by a pilates class.

“This is kind of unorganised, it’s starting so late,” second semester Visual Arts student Ryan Mattiguetz complained.

Several students who had hoped to catch the first half-hour of the event missed out on it entirely when they had to leave for class.

The contest started off to a nearly empty room, but the enthusiasm of the participants made up for the minimal turnout.

“It’s such a shame that no one shows up to these school events,” said Jamie Floyd, a Plant writer. “Students should be like me and participate more. This is so fun!”

Two competitors would take the stage, and the first to correctly identify the titles of three songs would be crowned victorious. The small audience was invested in each pairing, struggling to give the competitors hints from their tables on the floor.

Despite Kelly’s promises that the music would range “from new to old; we’re playing everything,” there were a few complaints.

“I was disappointed in the selection, there wasn’t much variety. It was all in the same genre,” a second semester Arts and Culture student said.

Two-time winner of the game Dwayne Thompson, however, disagreed.

“I knew it all, for the most part.”

The tunes covered such hits as Sean Paul’s “Hold my Hand,” Usher’s “You Got it Bad,” and Miley Cyrus’s “Fly on the Wall.”

“Of course I had fun!” Thompson exclaimed at the end of the event.

Prizes were awarded in the form of coupons that can be redeemed in Student Affairs from April 8 to 16.


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