Clothes swap

Dawson holds its own Value Village

by Bianca Brais

The Dawson Green Earth Club is organizing a Clothes Swap fundraiser for Taking Roots Nicaragua, in Conrod’s Cafeteria on April 21 and 22.
Green Earth is collecting used items such as clothes, shoes, accessories, toys and books until April 20 which can be dropped off at the Dawson Student Union (DSU) office or the Green Earth room (2C.14).

“There are two purposes for the clothing swap. The first is to teach people that reusing is important and not everything has to be brand new, Green Earth President Michelle Creely said. It’s a different way of recycling. “Also, all the money raised from this goes to Taking Root which is an organization dedicated to reforestation in Nicaragua.”

Along with the clothes swap, a vegan bake sale will take place and Green Earth coffee mugs will be on sale.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of students participated, especially because of the vegan bake sale! It’s such a brilliant way to attract and get more people to participate,” Georgia Konidas, second semester Pure and Applied student said.

If a bag of clothes is donated, it will cost 5$ to participate in the swap. If the individual doesn’t have a bag of clothes, it will cost 7$ to particpate in the event.
“The idea is that you’re paying 5$ for a bag of clothes which is cheaper than a shirt at the store which can be pretty enticing,” Creely said. “It’s like a Village des Valeurs, however, it’s less expensive.”

“I think it’s very important to let the youth of today know that there are very simple and easy ways they could help out and contribute to society,” said Konidas. “This event has the potential to raise quite a big amount of money seeing as most of the Dawson population surely has clothing they don’t wear anymore and most probably wouldn’t mind giving it away for a good cause.”

All left over items from the event will be donated to local charities and the profits will be donated to Taking Roots Nicaragua, an association that helps fight climate change and will help the economic development in Nicaragua.

Taking Roots Nicaragua believes that reforestation will help fight climate change; planting trees is an effective way of removing carbon from the atmosphere.


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