$Callarama contest$

Dawson’s CALL program and Dollarama are hosting a creative contest  for students

by Carl Perks

Dawson’s Creative Arts, Literature and Languages program is hosting a Creative Arts contest in collaboration with Dollarama until April 30.
Participants must be Dawson students and are required to buy up to $20 of Dollarama products, assemble, paint, and piece them together and submit them to the Dean of Creative and Applied Arts.

The most innovative/finest entry will be rewarded with $500, as the runner up and third place receive $300 and $100 in cash prizes respectively.

The contestants who win fourth to tenth place will all be presented with a prize of $50 each. Any participant may submit as many entries as they like.

‘‘It’s great because students who submit more than one work can make a lot of money and Dollarama also [gets to] make a lot of money. It’s perfect for everyone,’’ Ali Lalgi, a fourth semester Pure and Applied student said.

The deadline for submissions is 3 p.m. on Monday, April 26.

Everything must be dropped off at 3H.2 and a proof of purchase is required along with the participant’s phone number, name and email address. A title for the artwork and a blurb describing it are encouraged.

‘‘It’s a great incentive for CALL and Fine Arts students to create low budget artwork and benefit from exposure and evaluation from teachers,’’ Jennifer Mancini, a sixth semester Arts and Culture student said.

The purchased items can be painted, glue or cut but the paint and glue be included in the $20 limit and do not have to be bought at Dollarama.

All the prizes will be awarded at the CALL Festival Party on Friday, April 30, at 8 p.m. in room 5B.16.

By accepting one of these prizes, the winning participants grant ownership of their artwork to Dollarama, who might in turn display the artwork in their headquarters.

For further information, students may visit http://www.call-arama.com or visit the Facebook group.  Faculty and staff my also participate put are not eligible to win any cash prizes.


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