Top five picks of the week

Counting down the top five T-Pain collaborations

by Christopher Coy

Tallahassee, Florida native, rappa ternt sanga and iPhone app creator T-Pain has three of his own studio albums; each with its own array of catchy singles and melodious beats, but this is not where T-Pain’s bread and butter is. Oh no, where we see T-Pain shine is in his collaborations with other artists. In no particular order here are the best songs T-Pain has graced with his autotuned presence

#1 Good Life by Kanye West – I begin with this song because it truly reflects how someone like T-Pain has risen from poverty and become a millionaire by singing about how awesome it is to bang girls and ride in expensive cars and have a ton of ridiculous jewelry. Welcome to the good life T-Pain, you deserve it.

#2 I’m So Hood by DJ Khaled – Once you get past the crazy Palestinian man, DJ Khaled, calling people the N word T-Pain kicks in with the chorus about how he wears his pants low, represents his neighborhood and wears gold in his mouth. As a white boy raised in the suburbs, I can completely relate to what he’s talking about. What’s magical about T-Pain is he can bring all different people together through song, be they white, black, or even Palestinian. Thanks T-Pain, maybe you can solve the crisis in the Middle East.

#3 Low by Flo Rida – Without T-Pain how would any of us know the kind of girl that he and Flo Rida are into? I mean he’s basically filling out a survey of what he likes in his potential partners. So all you Dawsonites with your baggy sweat pants and the Reeboks with the strap, I know a certain someone with an affinity for top hats that is definitely interested.

#4 I’m A Flirt Remix by R. Kelly – This is where T-Pain shows many of his talents. Not only does he allude to his great wealth, having 28-inch rims on no doubtingly a Cadillac, but also he tells of his prowess with women, “All I gotta go is flirt wit her and I get dem drawers.” T-Pain also speaks Spanish in this verse. What can’t he do? Nothing, that’s what.

#5 I’m On a Boat by The Lonely Island – This song would be nothing without T-Pain. I’m glad that Andy Samberg has his nautical themed pashmina afghan but it cannot compare to T-Pain’s nautical themed TOP HAT. As awesome as The Lonely Island is none of them have fucked a mermaid. And until then, T-Pain: 1, everyone else on a boat: 0


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