Sorry Dawson, we’re closed

Temporary shutdown of third floor cafeteria receives minimal reaction from students

by Christopher Sammons

Chartwells third floor cafeteria has been closed for the past three weeks and will remain closed until further notice due to Dawson’s space issues.
The closing of the cafeteria has very little effect on Dawson students.

“Really? They closed?” asked  fourth semester Psychology student Sabrina Outland.

This seemed to be a rather common opinion with students who hang out in the third floor cafeteria eating space. They seemed unaware and all in all disinterested.

“I work in Student Affairs; the nature of my job puts me in contact with many students. Since the cafeteria has closed, which has been 3 weeks now, not one student has come to ask me why,” Recreation Technician Mary Di Liello said.

When getting an opinion by the Chartwells manager, Denis Dube, on the cafeteria closing itself, his answer seemed to answer questions themselves.

“The college needs some space so they’re doing a sort of study to use the space at maximum capacity and our business upstairs was a bit low and it was a mutual agreement,” Dube said.

With Dawson’s need for space and Chartwell’s low business, it seems to be the right thing to do.

“The Dawson student population is huge [8000 students],” said Di Liello. “I ask myself why are they going across the street? Because of the prices and the variety? Maybe the cafeteria was not catering to student needs? Most hot meals were purchased by employees because they were a good quantity for your money. Only approximately 30 meals per day were purchased and the number kept diminishing so they decided to close the cafeteria completely and offer the hot meals in the Atrium.”

“An email was sent out to the staff and faculty about the cafeteria closing but not to students,so I’m guessing that Chartwells knew they were not catering to students?” said Cinema, Video and Communications teacher Simon Davies. “Personally in my uninformed opinion, I found the food was not student food. I only saw Dawson teachers eating there.”

With Chartwells out of the picture, Dawson is still unsure of what is going to be done with the extra space.

“No decision has been made and there won’t be any news on the usage of the space for the next two months,” said Drago Kresevic, Interim Director of Plant and Facilities


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