NEO 80’s ROCK assaults Montreal

Muse and Silversun Pickups lay siege upon
the Bell Centre

by Carl Perks

Let’s all thank Muse for making nostalgia for the eighties hip again.

Accompanied by the Silversun Pickups, Muse sieged the Bell Centre on March 10 and wowed a satisfied crowd of fans spanning across a vast age spectrum.

‘Needless to say, this was the best show in Montreal this year!’ Kathrine Proulx, a thrilled audience member shouted to her friends whilst crowds poured out of the venue at the end of the evening.

Silversun Pickups came on while the stadium was still filling up; they played a good, concise 50 minute set but suffered from the crowd’s lack of familiarity with their songs. They managed to win the audience over a bit in the end when Brian Aubert, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, started an arena-wide camera flash contest and kept it ongoing as him and his band played a memorable rendition of their recent hit Substitution.

The whole Bell centre then sat through an uncommonly long break between both bands where everyone stared perplexedly at the three enormous constructs standing on the stage. Resembling three large skyscrapers, tall platforms fabricated of lead pipes donning unusually large drapes with prints of windows on them where soon to become three elevated stages for the band everyone was waiting for.

‘I see Muse, I see Muse!’ was the first sound to shatter the long silence, as one of the crowd-members could spot movement behind one of the giant tower’s drapes. The lights suddenly went out and gave way to the tower’s theatrical display of projected silhouettes of people going up staircases within them.

These huge curtains suddenly fell and all three band member were standing within openings in their respective structures and commenced a crowd-rising interpretation of their song Uprising. The crowd instantly began to jump and wail as Matthew Bellamy played “Theremin” on a beam of light sprouting from the floor.

At the end of the day, everyone could agree that this was a memorable show; the lightshow itself was worth paying to see, the moment when Bellamy began the song “Plug in Baby” by playing its famous riff with his guitar behind his head was an instant classic and the giant five feet diameter eyeball balloons tossed around through the crowd and bursting into little paper confetti during the playing of hysteria was a moment everyone that night will remember for years to come.

The crowd was very eclectically aged, ranging from young teens to grey haired veterans of the rock scene sometimes as old as in their sixties. Fans of all ages had a great time but many commented on the lack of interaction with the crowd. As much as Silversun Pickups had discoursed thoroughly with the audience, Muse played through their set barely uttering a word.

Despite this little hiccup of communication absence, the crowd’s need for a pleasant evening was sated by Muse’s enthusiasm, almost as many props as an opera and sheer good, clear sounding music despite the reverb of the stadium.

Let’s all thank the eighties for inspiring/creating bands such as Muse.


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