Lady Blues settle for bronze at nationals

Dawson defeats Sheridan to secure third place after a disappointing loss to Mount Saint-Vincent

by Joseph Ste-Marie

After winning the Provincial Championship two weeks ago, Dawson’s AAA women’s basketball team won the Bronze Medal at the CCAA National Championship in Kelowna, British Columbia.

The Lady Blues started out the tournament with a victory over Lethbridge College, Marilene Lapierre and Serginha Estimé started off the tournament strong scoring 21 and 17 points respectively. However, things fell apart for the Lady Blues in their semi-final game against Mt. Saint-Vincent. Dawson had a small lead throughout the first half but had trouble finding the net, and committed multiple fouls, which jump-started their demise. They began to crumble as they lost the lead and struggled for the remainder of the game, losing to Mt. Saint-Vincent with a final score of 60-48.

Dawson came back the following morning to play another semi-final against the host school, UBC-Okanagan. The winner of this game would go on to play for the bronze medal. The Lady Blues put on a strong performance, with Janice Quintos scoring two three-point shots and finishing with 12 points, she was declared Dawson’s player of the game. Lapierre also had a strong performance with 18 points and Richelle Gregoire Legault finished with 12.

Less than 12 hours later Dawson played the bronze medal game against Sheridan College who also played earlier in the day.

The Lady Blues started off the first quarter strong with center Serginha Estimé opening the game’s scoring. Both teams hustled for the ball but neither was able to find the net. Sheridan briefly held the lead halfway into the quarter until Quintos scored two three-point shot and gave Dawson back the momentum as well as the lead. Marylise Roy later scored a three-point shot to make it 19-9 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Sheridan started closing the gap with forward Sam Scull stepping up for her team to make it 19-15. Legault finally scored for Dawson midway in the quarter while Mercier and Estimé played well as Dawson ended the half 30-19. Sheridan’s Caity Wright’s costly fouls kept Dawson lead intact going into the second half.

Sheridan started the third by pressuring Dawson as they came closer and closer to tying the game. Quintos got her third three-point shot of the game while Lapierre, who had a slow start, played strong defense and two field goals. The Lady Blues’ heads up passing throughout the quarter also gave guard Ashley Clarke two wide-open three-point shots.

The game remained close as both teams began to show fatigue as they went into the final quarter. Sheridan came close to tying it up, however, costly fouls gave the Blues the upper hand. Lapierre scored twice in the final four minutes of the game as Sheridan did their best in the end to score, but Dawson held on to their lead to win the bronze medal 67-61.

In the medal ceremony at the end of the Gold Medal game, Lapierre was named to the first All-Star team and Mercier was named to the second All-Star team. It was redemption for the Blues as they lost the last year’s bronze medal game to Lethbridge College.

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