He’s Back

Tiger Woods to return for The Masters after highly publicized sex scandal

by Chris Pike

Tiger Woods has recently announced that he will be returning to professional golf this April in one of the biggest tournaments on the PGA tour, The Masters.

Woods has recently been the center of a scandal involving a wide array of women that have claimed to have slept with the golfer.

Woods admitted to his infidelity on Dec.11 2009 and said that he would be taking an “indefinite break from golf.” This past Sunday Woods gave the first interview, exclusively to ESPN and The Golf Channel, since the scandal broke.

Although the interview was capped at five minutes, Woods revealed a lot about his feeling about returning to the game he loves.

“I don’t know, I’m a little nervous. It would be nice to hear a couple of claps here and there.” Woods told ESPN.

Woods also offered an interview to ESPN’s parent company CBS, however they refused due to time constraints.

“Its nice to see him getting back to ‘work’,” said Mike Boyle, a religions teacher at Dawson College. “Normalcy is healthy and that’s what Tiger needs right now.”

The former world number one golfer is definitely garnering a lot of attention with this move.

“Tiger’s return to competitive golf at this year’s Masters will surely be one of the biggest stories the sporting world has seen,” said ESPN executive vice president John Wildhack.

On the other hand many people are getting sick of the media circus this ordeal has created.

“I don’t think many [Dawson students] care anymore, “ said second semester North South student Evia Orlando. “It’s starting to get a little stupid.”

Some students couldn’t help but poke fun at how the media is blowing the whole Woods ordeal out of proportion.

“I’m just glad there won’t be any women in the tournament.” second semester North South student Catherine Mucci-Vachon said.

Woods’ return to golf isn’t even guaranteed to air on television. According to USA Today and the New York Daily News, ESPN will only be allowed to air three and a half hours of the tournament for the first two rounds (on April 8 and 9) which may not coincide with Woods’ tee time. Woods could begin his play before ESPN goes live, leaving fans to have to watch him on that night’s Sportscentre highlight reel.

According to ESPN The Masters has always had strict rules when it comes to who tees off when and is not about to change that for ratings sake.
Fans will just have to wait and see, as tee times won’t be announced until the beginning of Masters week, April 6.


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