Green economics

Brown challenges the foundations of the current economic order and proposes the concept of a “moral economy”

by Katrina Caruso

Peter G. Brown, a professor at McGill University’s School of the Environment, proposed tactics to creating a “moral economy” during his lecture “Economics without Ecocide” at the Humanities and Public Life Conference on March 24, in 5B.16.

Brown, co-author of the book, The Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy, lectured on the current world leaders’ neglect to consider the planet’s sustainability in terms of the economy.

The planet is currently being treated in a way which, in his eyes, is the “wrong relationship.”

Brown showed a Power Point presentation with images of the Alberta tar sands, calling the tar sands an “example of profound disrespect” for the planet’s welfare.

Brown’s slideshow was very informative, with many facts and examples. He made his presentation interesting to the audience by staying away from too much scientific jargon and joking around.

“How we live in Canada is killing people in other parts of the world,”  Brown said, showing visuals of the diminishment of the polar ice caps from 1979 to 2005.

Brown proposed a “moral economy” to Dawson students, explaining that small changes in everyday lives is not enough. He called for the students to stop being consumers and to start being “citizens of the world.”

He later linked his lecture back to Humanities, stating how ethical systems are not informed by Science, and that Ethics and Science must be united.

“I though it was enlightening. But, I was only here for my Humanities class,” a fourth semester Fine Arts student Lucas Stowe said.

Students can take action by contacting their local municipality or student union and see what can be done in order to promote advanc


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