Bon Jovi makes the ladies swoon

Concert review by Laura Imperiale

On March 20, Bon Jovi rocked the Bell Centre to promote their new album The Circle released in November 2009. They left over 20,000 screaming fans in shock.

The show started with a completely dark venue as multiple screens started to light up the stage. Lead singer Jon Bon Jovi appeared soon after, dressed in a black leather jacket and black jeans, and opened up his show with “Happy Now” a track from his new album.

Despite their efforts to promote the new album, Bon Jovi shocked the audience by performing all their number one hits from the eighties, such as “You Give Love A Bad Name”, “Living on a Prayer” and his more romantic hits like “In These Arms”.

Their charisma and passion on the stage was evident as Jon was dancing and rocking for three hours straight. Even guitarist Richie Sambora sang one of their well-known hits from their Crush album released in 2000, “Lay your Hands on Me”.

Drummer Tico Torres’ excitement showed as he was singing along to Jon’s tunes, and piano player David Bryan also busted a couple of moves during some songs.

Jon did not let his female fans down as while he sang one of his most popular love songs “Bed of Roses”, he picked a woman out of the audience and danced with her throughout the whole song. She was rubbing herself all over his body the whole time which made Jon chuckle a little while singing. This left the audience in complete awe, as every single woman in the audience was wishing to be that lucky one he picked out. “I picked her up and realized how short she was, I thought she was twelve years old!” said Jon about the woman he danced with while singing the song.

His love for the audience did not end there, as while singing some of his newer hits like “Loves the only rule”, he was reaching into the audience the whole time, touching people’s hands.

Every time Jon would smile, thousands of fans would scream and couldn’t wait to see what he would do or say next. The audience was on their feet, singing and dancing the whole time. They consisted of people of all ages and both sexes. “Oh my God I’m going to freak out!” yelled Gina Straforini, a die-hard fan, when Jon started singing “Bed of Roses”.

Everyone thought the show was over after the band sang “Living on a Prayer”, although after five minutes of consecutive screaming coming from the audience, Jon reappeared on stage and said “Don’t y’all gotta go home or something?”,  as the screams kept getting louder and louder, Jon began singing yet another one of his most popular love songs from the eighties “Always” which literally left many women in tears. After this heart felt performance, the band ended the show with their infamous “Treat her Right” and Jon left the stage by saying, “See y’all soon, thank-you, good-night!”

This was a jaw-dropping performance and even if you are not a die-hard Bon Jovi fan, you would have found this show incredible. The energy on the stage was electric as the band never seemed to get tired. Their good looks didn’t hurt of course, as Jon’s smile always lit up the stage. A beautiful venue with different coloured lights and multiple screens left the audience screaming for more, although that’s always the case when Bon Jovi comes to Montreal!

Throughout their career, the band has released eleven studio albums, and have sold over 120 million albums worldwide. They have performed more than 2,600 concerts in over 50 countries for more than 34 million fans.


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