Referendum for EAM

Dawson considers joining Student World Outreach program

by Bianca Brais

After several months of debating whether Dawson should join the Étudiants and Étudiantes Axés sur le Monde (EAM) Student World Outreach program, the referendum deciding if the College will be part of it will be held on March 25.

EAM Student World Outreach is made up of 30, 000 CEGEP students throughout the province of Quebec.

It’s a non-profit organization that helps students participate in humanitarian projects in the Third World.

This program helps build awareness among college students about Third World countries.

A few of the projects that will be undertaken this year include water catchment systems to provide clear water to communities in Panama, providing desks and school supplies in Nicaragua, and to build immediate housing in Chile.

Dawson students who wanted to join the Student World Outreach Program organized a petition and obtained 451 signatures. The referendum was called by the students in the hopes of joining the association.  “There are 10 schools that have held a referendum,” DSU President Carl Perks said.
Initially the referendum was supposed to be held on March 3, but due to the quorum not being reached, it didn’t take place.

“If we don’t have five percent of students, the quorum won’t pass,” Perks said.

In order for Dawson to join EAM Student World Outreach, it would cost the DSU $7500, which amounts to a dollar per student.

“The financing of the projects, and all the decisions made by our organization remain in the hands of the participating student unions,” Melanie Hotchkiss, Student World Outreach co-founder said.

The DSU is able to finance the association and has a say in terms of how the money is spent.

“It’s about the gap between the rich and the poor around the globe,” Hotchkiss said. “It’s to offer impoverished communities a chance at a better life, and provide each student union with the opportunity to build visibility on campus through global poverty campaign.”

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