Playing with the future

Student Affairs bring in a psychic to read the future of Dawson students

by Carl Perks

Last Wednesday, at noon, Student Affairs invited Dan Valkos, former director of the Paranormal Enlightenment Center, published author and psychic, to perform a few psychic readings in Olivers.

Valkos began with a short introduction about his profession and passion in front of a small crowd.

As he began the readings the room started to fill up, containing up to 40 people.

Valkos explained that he once studied Science and was doubtful about paranormal matters until he saw some things that he qualified as unexplainable by Science, such as telekinesis.

He discovered his talent for what he calls attentive listening once someone gave him a picture of a young girl and told him to describe her whereabouts.

“Someone gave me a photo and said: Tell me about this girl.”

He explained that he then predicted that she had run away from home, where she was at that moment and when she would come back.
Valkos then spoke about the  inaccuracies of his paranormal readings.

“No psychic is a 100 percent accurate. Your best psychic is yourself,” Valkos said. “If I read that you will live a long life, you can still jump down a bridge to prove me wrong.  You still have control over your destiny, I’m just the road map.”

“I find that people go to these places when they need help or answered questions, but they should really look to themselves,” said second semester C.A.L.L student Emma Seckinger.

Many students enquired about the process of insight into other’s future lives.

“I don’t really see a vision; it’s more of a strong sense. Some people claim it’s body language but I’m on over 158 radio stations, I can’t read body language on the radio,” Valkos said.

A few students were in disbelief over this matter.

“You shouldn’t base your life on what he just told you,” second semester Psychology student Kimmya Patry said.

Some other students were very pleased with the reading.

“It was awesome! He was right on, I was very pleased,” third semester Social Science student Dana Beaulne said

Many, though understanding of Valkos’ position when he was not able to divulge answers to some of the more precise questions, were dissatisfied with the answers.

“It was alright but I’m not happy with the answers,” said second semester Mechanical Engineering and Technology student Peter Dydyk.

The reading lasted two hours as Valkos was drilled by the crowd’s questions about children, careers, relationships, life, the end of the world and even the existence of aliens.

Valkos would generally begin his answer with a joke, and then  shift into his reading with a straighter face.
“I’m a smartass psychic,” he said.

Some found his jokes amusing while others seemed to have thought them misplaced.

“I don’t know if I’m going to take it seriously. I got the feeling that he didn’t put too much thought in his answers,” second semester North South Studies student Emily Fisher said.

Dan Valkos will shortly be returning to London, Ontario where he will continue private readings.  For more information


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