Parade Trauma

St.Patrick’s Day ends tragically with the death of a Concordia student

by Jennifer Attia

Dawson students kept their spirits high during the two-hour St.Patrick’s Day parade that took place on March 14, despite the tragic death of 20-year-old Concordia student Alexandre Hamelin.

It started at Fort St. at 12 p.m. and ended at St.Urbain,

Dawson’s float had two personal DJ’s  from Dawson’s radio stationCIXS.  People were jumping, singing and dancing nonstop.

Students, staff and cheerleaders were freezing under their green outfits on the float, the school’s cheerleaders were freezing putting on a show in front of the float. At every turn and every stop the girls would jump in the air and get rounds of applause from the crowd.

The parade continued on  through the rain, cold and wind.

Students wore green shirts with a leprechaun showing his butt on the back and different paraphernalia, courtesy of Dawson College.
Snacks and hot chocolate were available but students were more focused on showing their Dawson spirit to eat.

The parade was cut short towards the end when an accident occurred with the Marianopolis float.

Hamelin, who was under the influence of alcohol, lost his balance and landed in front of the truck pulling the float as it started moving again.

Hamelin was pronounced dead at the scene, and police dispersed thousands of spectators. Witnesses were in shock and did not wish to answer any questions concerning this accident


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