Pack a pipe, twist a blunt, roll and light a joint.

by Chloe Nudo

To anyone who has ever seen, heard of, or experienced marijuana, pay attention; this is for you. Someone showed me the movie, The Union, which I suggest you should watch to learn the truth about smoking up. Pot, humans love it! A joint, a blunt, a spliff, a spiezie. Yet, around the world, it’s usually illegal.

So what happened when weed hit the Americas? How was it treated and why is it illegal now? Until 1883, hemp was the largest agricultural crop of the world; it is the most durable and robust natural soft fibre on the planet. It has over 1000 uses, from fabric to medicine. Ironically, the first law about hemp was to force farmers to grow it. Then, in the 1930s, Reefer Madness hit, where the media depicted pot smokers as evil and wild. As a result, the US government created the Marihuana Tax Act in 1937, where the only way you could handle weed, or hemp was to get a stamp. This eventually led to the criminalization of marijuana.

Should it still be illegal? Yes, weed is bad; it kills brain cells. Wrong! In 1974, the Health and Tulan study was published, where they “claimed,” as a result of pumping 30 joints a day into monkeys (which is already ridiculous), that the monkeys started dying after 90 days. Brain damage was determined by counting the number of dead brain cells in monkeys who had been subjected to marijuana and those who had not. Only six years later, when everyone was questioning it, did the truth finally come out. Instead of giving 30 joints a day to the monkeys, they used a gas mask to pump 63 joints into each monkey in 5 minutes, over three months, and this stuff was Columbian! The monkeys suffocated, and without additional oxygen, the brain shuts down, and the brain cells die. That was their proof. Fortunately, studies have since shown no signs of brain cell damage, but those are never talked about eh!

“Marijuana is bad for you, or worse than tobacco – impossible! If they had the evidence, they would be parading it in the media…They don’t have one” explains Stephen Bloom, former “High Times” editor. The number one killer that beats out Heroin, AIDS, Crack Cocaine, Alcohol, car accidents, fires, murder combined, is cigarettes. Funny how the number one killer is legal, taxable, and receives government subsidies.

You can die by ingesting too much alcohol or too much nicotine, but it’s impossible to have a weed overdose. “There are no deaths from cannabis use anywhere; you can’t find one” said an anonymous source, a Professor Emeritus from Harvard Medical School. Alcohol, on the other hand, causes 100,000 deaths a year.

Alcohol, cigarettes, and weed are the main three substances ingested by college students. Weed is simply


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