Eyes on the DSU

The Union discusses the referendum, International Women’s Day and the water campaign

by Chris Pike

The Dawson Student Union (DSU) had a short meeting on Wednesday, March 10, regarding the Student World Outreach (SWO) referendum, the water bottle campaign and International Women’s Day activities.

The first issue raised was that of the Student World Outreach program. The DSU has decided that a Special General Assembly will be called for March 25 at 12:00 p.m. to decide whether or not Dawson students will become part of the SWO program and consequentially pay an additional fee of $1 per year to the organization.

The DSU also resolved to give $100 to both the “Yes” and “No” committees for campaigning purposes.

The next item on the docket  the progressive elimination of bottled water on Dawson’s campus. The DSU is hoping that Dawson College will become the first CEGEP in Quebec to no longer have water bottles on campus. Dawson would also be the first post-secondary school in Quebec to adopt the policy.

The DSU also resolved to move the activities for International Women’s Day to Monday, March 22. They plan to conduct more research as to why Dawson’s bookstore prices are so high in comparison to the bookstores of McGill and Concordia University.

On a lighter note, the DSU thanked all those who attended and participated in the Kalmunity show and congratulated themselves on their fifth birthday and the cake that was passed out to Dawson students to celebrate.

Finally, DSU President Carl Perks brought up the matter of the St-Patrick’s Day Guinness Keg that the DSU would give to the lucky student who found a hidden pot of gold somewhere on campus. The keg was shipped from Guinness headquarters in Ireland to Canada and serves 100 pints of the Irish brew.


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