Dawson fail

Very small turnout for comedy auditions disappoints producers

by Tyler Finigan

Montreal’s Hilarious comedy auditions held on Monday at Oliver’s from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. had a turnout of three students.

Comedians and producers of the show (Jeff Schouela and Eman) were surprised by the turnout.

“I expected around 15-20 people to show up,” said Schouela. “We didn’t get anyone for the first hour and a half!”

The three students who auditioned were Matthew DaSilva, Emery Daly Fine and Antoine Gagnon.

Although they did not have a big audience to perform to, candidates expressed their anxiety.

“The hardest part of it is getting on stage, then the rest follows,” DaSilva said.
Each student preformed approximately five to six minutes of original material. All three contestants were able to finish their set and keep the judges laughing.

Some students even thanked them for their time.

“It’s really charitable what you guys are doing. [You’re] giving a chance to amateur comedians to experience what it’s like on stage,” Fine said.
The auditions were open concept, allowing anyone to audition. However it wasn’t always students who entered.

“Most of the people that walked in were people who needed the room or came to sweep,” Schouela said.

Plans for the Dawson comedy showcase, which was to follow several weeks after the auditions, will be rethought due to the lack of students who participated.

“We were hoping to get 8-10 people for the show but we might have to change that,” Eman said.

The showcase is meant to give Dawson students a taste of raw student and professional talent.

Reasons for the low turnout were discussed during the silent periods of the auditions. Judges were unsure of whether the low turnout was the result of publicity or lack of interest.

“Considering the amount of publicity the auditions were given and a couple of emails I received, I’m surprised there weren’t that many [people] who showed,” Schouela said.

The auditions finished on a quiet note, butthe producers remained optimistic all the same.

“I’m a little disappointed,” said Eman. ” At least three is better then zero.”


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