Dawson’s space issues

Renovations will be taking place around Dawson to make better use of the school’s space

by Jennifer Attia

Dawson College has begun developing a Facilities Master Plan to provide Dawson with the most efficient way to allocate space for the smooth operation of College activities and is seeking students’ inpuOne million square feet is the amount of space that the regular 10, 000 students have access to, and 12 acres of outside land.

However, the board of Dawson doesn’t seem to believe that all the space is being optimized. About a year ago, it was decided that the spaceshould be used for new purposes to ease the life of the students at school.

The board came up with18 different ideas to give more space inside the school. They plan on using rooms that already exist for new purposes and renovating some others to make them study rooms.

When walking around Dawson and looking for a room to study, the last resort is going all the way up to the fifth floor library.

“I think it’s a good idea. I hate going up and down the stairs trying to find a quiet place to study, said fourth semester Commerce student Lea Atkin. “It seems like the study rooms are never available. Creating more study rooms would definitely help out a lot of students.”

In the short term, the school wants to renovate areas around Dawson into new study rooms, computer rooms, and multi-media rooms.

The school should see changes in the next three years.

For a mid to long term plan, the school should see even bigger changes such as “begin a concentrated effort to acquire additional permanent facilities” and “pursue the creation of partnerships with private companies for the sharing space.” These solutions should give the students more space off campus and on campus.

“I don’t see why we should get that kind of new space, we have enough. Maybe a few more study rooms would be good but the only actual space we’d need are club spaces,” Audrey Bensimon a fourth semester Health Science student said.

“The clubs definitely need to get more space because they seem to be getting smaller and smaller,” third semester Commerce student Ryan Austin said. “I feel claustrophobic everytime I go inside a club.”

The club spaces have been an issue for a while at Dawson. More clubs are being created every year and some might disappear due to the lack of space.

A survey is available on the Dawson website asking students what they think of all the suggestions. Once the results of the survey are out, the school will then start taking action to optimize the one million square feet of space that Dawson has.

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