Blues defeat Momo, win bronze medal

AAA men lose to Champlain in the semi-finals but bounce back to finish in third place

by Joseph Ste-Marie

From winning a nail-biting quarter final game on Friday night against Vanier to losing a heartbreaking game to Champlain in the semis, Dawson’s AAA men’s basketball finished the season by defeating Montmorency 84-60 to capture the Bronze medal on Sunday afternoon in a three day Provincial Basketball tournament.

Dawson’s Head Coach Wayne Yearwood spoke on Saturday after his team’s loss to Champlain in the semi-final game.

“(Champlain) was a better team than we were,” he said.  “We know what we have to do,” he added in reference to their bronze medal that took place on Sunday. Yearwood was upset with the officiating and he felt that they should let the teams just play basketball. “One team was playing to win and one team was playing for free throws.”

Dawson started out the first quarter of their bronze medal game against Montmorency on a high note, as they scored early and often. Montmorency started off the game playing sloppy defense, which continued as they committed multiple fouls throughout the quarter. Montmorency struggled numerous times to find the net, as Dawson’s defense shut the door on their offence throughout the course of the game.

The entire Dawson bench pulled their weight, and not one player showed fatigue or slacked off. They played a passionate, yet disciplined game, that was exemplified in the game’s second half.

Dawson guard Chris Joseph had an exceptional game with 20 points including two three-point shots that helped put the Blues ahead. Xander Jean also had a productive game scoring 14 points, and Aamir Goin Gyles added 13 points of his own, including an incredible turnover that lead to a breakaway slam-dunk in the third quarter.

Montmorency fell apart in the fourth quarter, and despite the numerous fouls committed by Dawson, they were unable to get it together and stage any kind of miraculous comeback.  The closest that Montmorency came to closing the gap, was earlier in the second quarter, but in the end, they couldn’t follow it up.

After the game, Chris Joseph and Montmorency guard Vincent Lanctôt-Fortier were declared the players of the game. Lanctôt-Fortier had a good game for Montmorency as he scored 21 points.

“It’s not an easy game to play,” Coach Yearwood said after the game. He elaborated by talking about how after a disappointing loss, it’s tough to come prepared and ready to play the next morning. Yearwood said that the key to winning the game was to come in with high pressure, and that’s what they did as they earned themselves a well-deserved Bronze Medal.

“At least we got a medal to bring back to school,” said Daniel Lucate. “We played a really good game considering it was a game no one wanted to play.”


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