Lady Blues fall short in loss

AA Women play well in a losing effort at home

by Jamie Floyd

Dawson’s AA women’s basketball team lost a well-played game at home last Sunday to Vieux-Montreal by a score of 61-55.
In the final quarter, The Blues needed to secure and exceed a three-point gap but unfortunately a lack of concentration hindered their chances of winning the game.

“I think we probably broke down a bit in the final quarter, but we played well in the beginning,” said Dawson guard Courtney Connor.
The game began at a rapid start, with Dawson scoring the first point immediately after the tip-off. Champlain seemed too agitated to compete, as they missed passes and looked visibly upset on the court as the Blues breezed through the first quarter with a score of 15-6.
In the second quarter, the Blues held on to their considerable lead, while the Spartiates, although more focused missed a good deal of high percentage shots. At halfway through the quarter, a disagreement over Vieux-Montreal’s decision to add a player that was not listed halted the game. When the game finally resumed, the Blues lost some of their energy resulting in some unfortunate passes, but they still managed to win the quarter 36-29.

After halftime it was clear that the blues had lost their momentum. The game became neck and neck and a lack of defensive skills seriously harmed the Blues, while the other team benefited from foul shots and an increasingly good offense. In spite of this, Rebecca De Sanctis was able to maintain continuously good defence, but in the final minute, Dawson was simply unable to tie the score, ending with 41-42.

The final quarter saw the most impressive plays by both teams, in spite of failed drives. Both teams played aggressive offence and Dawson had a good hold on the rebounds and thanks to foul shots managed to tie the game at 47-47. This was only temporary as Vieux-Montreal dominated the rest of the quarter, in spite of two fouls in a row. After the game was once again halted due to a Blues player injury, it was evident that the girls had gotten flustered. They missed open blocks and shots and their attempts at double team were unsuccessful. In the end, with 26 seconds remaining, the girls just could not get it together and the game was lost 55-61.

“We played well, but only for three quarters,” said Blues head coach Sharon Sandy.
However, there was more positive than negative, as player Mara Sokol-Rubenstein scored two 3-point shots in total and Makeda Mitchell-Best managed to score a triumphant 15 points throughout the game.

“We just got to regroup and step it up for the next game,” Sandy said.


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