Ignored nominees

DSU candidates hold a debate to introduce themselves to the
Dawson student population

by Brian Lapuz

For the March 10 and 11 DSU Elections, candidates for Dawson Student Union (DSU) executive positions presented themselves during the Candidate’s Debate, which was held in the third floor cafeteria, on Tuesday at noon.

Samantha Hackel-Butt, Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) for the DSU, organized the debate, to which five out of 11 candidates showed up. Moreover, not many people appeared to be paying attention to the debate taking place at the back of the cafeteria.

“I think it was good for advertising the candidates, but it sucks that no one in the [cafeteria] was paying attention,” said Cynnamon Normandea, a second semester Visual Arts student. “[However] it encouraged me to go out and vote.”

Among the candidates present were Ariel Charney and Flint Deita, both running for Chairperson; Nadia Kanji, for Director Internal Affairs & Advocacy; Matthew Mancini, for Director of Communications & Media; and Eric Anderson, for Director of Athletic Activities.

Identical to last year’s debate, the aspiring DSU executives each introduced themselves, presented their platform, gave an idea of their time commitments if they were to be elected, spoke about their past experiences and so on.

In competition for the same position, Charney and Deita had the same thing to say in terms of past and future involvements, though some ideas stood out.

“I want to improve communication by doing student consultation sessions,” Deita said.

“I want to ban the sale of water bottles and fight the implementation of CEGEP tuition fees,” Charney said.

“Out of all the [candidates, Charney] really made her presence felt. It was kind of annoying, but effective,” Matt Desrosiers, a fourth semester Computer Science student said.

Natasha Caminsky, DSU VP External, felt that all the candidates present were motivated.

“The candidates know what they were talking about; they all seemed to have good intentions,” Caminsky said.

Christopher Monette, DSU Executive Secretary, questioned the candidates about remunerations for executive council members and both Charney and Deita expressed their disagreement to the idea.


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