Getting down with Bick

Bick’s dealings with Passovah

by Melina Giubilaro

In order to accomplish great things, one mustn’t only act but also dream; Dawson student Noah Bick director and promoter of Passovah is currently living the dream.

“Since 2008 Passovah has been dealing with bands. We book gigs for bands, find a place and promote the event,”David Mitchell, Production Manager said.

The name Passovah came from Passover the Jewish holiday that celebrates the freedom from slavery. However this meaning has nothing to do with its creation.

“My mom would call me Jewish even though I’m not! Thinking of funny names, making fun of ourselves for being Jewish, Passover was an option,”said Bick.

“We wanted to urbanize a word. Kids urbanize every word, so that’s what we did. We ended up changing it for an AH instead of an ER.”

Bick, fourth semester Liberal Arts student said he didn’t just wake up one morning and decided to create this company. He was always interested in music.

“The Jewish God never graced me with music skills. So I wanted to get as close as possible to this area of art. So I figured this would be a good medium to be involved in,” Bick said.

Passovah’s other co founders are Nick Shullman, Communications & Ultimatums, Technical Director Tyler Crawford and Dan Seligman  Creative Associate.

Passovah is supporting local artists, getting audiences to see shows and bringing other bands to Montreal. They are now promoting bands from the United States and as far as South America. They used to do concerts once a month but now concerts have been happening multiple times a week.

“It’s not about money. It’s about helping our friends from all over. Several bands are contacting us. Now, it’s not just in Montreal, it’s spreading through the whole country,” Mitchell said.

Noah is currently tourbooking bands. He sets up an entire tour by contacting other people in other parts of the country and arranges a whole tour. He is also representing several bands managing and booking them.

“Passovah is growing. It’s not just putting out concerts in Montreal anymore but actually booking concerts in other cities in order to help bands,” Bick said.

Passovah doesn’t promote their events at Dawson. They aim to encourage older crowds in attending their shows, who actively listen to music other than what’s fed to them by the media. Passovah’s bands are punk, strange corky indie-pop to really weird out there punk-rock.

Passovah represents bands such as The Lovely Feathers and Coton Mouth. They previously worked with WOMEN, Parlour, The Luyas and Woodhands.

“People are kind of apathetic to getting involved in musical culture of our generation. They have no opinion, and they’re influenced by all the media,” said Bick. “It’s not to say I’m not interested in popular mainstream. Especially in our city there’s a lot of interesting culture. There’s a lot of famous bands that come from our town.”

For more information on upcoming shows check out


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