Female power

by Chloe Nudo

International Women’s Day was on March 8 but Dawson’s celebration is postponed to March 26 due to a DSU member who was to organize the event got sick.

Although Dawson women had to celebrate International Women’s Day on their own on Monday, there is a bake sale on March 26. The theme of the bake sale will be pay equity, a problem that is still present in 2010 where women and men are not paid equal wages for the same jobs.

However, this bake sale will be different from others. For example, if you are a man you will have to pay less than a woman for the exact same thing. This is to highlight the inequality that women face in the workforce.

“When women get paid less than a man nobody raises an eyebrow,” Matthew Murphy-Peron the Executive Director of the DSU said.
He explained that everyone will question why the bake sale is charging women more, but not everyone would question a woman getting paid less.

“It’s a shame we still need an International Woman’s Day to recognize the contribution that women make to the world… we should remind people that every human’s contribution is valuable,” Cornelia Howell, an Anthropology teacher said.

Most people talk about women fighting for their rights in the past tense when it is very much still an issue today.

“We hope with the bake sale people will understand that gender inequality is still very much a reality in 2010,” Peron said.

“It’s important to remember how far we’ve come, and how hard we worked to get here and it’s not something to be forgotten,” Lauren Wexler, a fourth semester Psychology student said.

“International Women’s Day is a reminder that women have fought with courage and determination so that women today can cultivate their dreams and empowerment, both essential elements of freedom and accomplishment,”Dawson Child Studies Profile Coordinator Nicole Beaulieu said.

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