Ancient treasures

Students explore the history and
archaeological findings of King Tut

by Chloe Nudo

Students from the History of Archaeology and Greek and Roman Archaeology classes went to Toronto to attend lectures and exhibitions about archaeology and King Tut last Thursday.

They drove to Toronto where they had dinner followed by a lecture from Egyptologist Gayle Gibson. The following day they went to the King Tut Exhibition. After lunch they attended another lecture given by archaeologist Mr. Kei Yamamoto and then went for dinner and headed home.

“Students loved it,” Classics teacher Jiri Tucker said.

The planning that goes into these trips is very important and the funding is what makes it possible.

Barbara Freedman, the Dean of Instructional Development and Diane Gauvin, the Dean of Social Science and Business Technologies helped fund the trip along with Student Services. The students also held a bake sale raised a total of $450 selling Rice Krispie pyramids.

“It was one of the best times I’ve had all year,” fourth semester Liberal Arts student Chris Santillo said.

“I think these are great ideas because they allow students to see what they are studying as opposed to hearing about it,” fourth semester Psychology student Josette Sader said.

Students appreciated the experienced speakers and were awed by all the information they retained.

“She has the right to have the title of Egyptologist,” fourth semester Social Science student Emilie said, on how knowledgeable Gibson was.
Yamamoto, the second speaker, spoke about the field of archaeology.

“He was really energetic and made his lecture interesting,” fourth semester Psychology student Sarah Pontarelli said.

Although the students had a packed schedule, they still found time to explore Toronto along with their learning experience.

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