You mean there’s no food?

Collection of culinary pieces disappoint viewers

by Darren Usher

“So, do we get to try food in there?” asked an old lady waiting in line outside of the Chateau Ramezay Museum, which was holding an event on cultural influences that have shaped Quebec society through the years for Nuit Blanche this past Saturday from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.
One never wants to be a bearer of a bad news. Especially on a night where other people plan days, possibly weeks ahead to make sure that they enjoy every moment. However, on this late, full-moon February night, the response to the following question was a murmured “No, you do not try any food. It’s just an exhibit.”

This person was not the only one who was under the impression that food tasting would be offered. The line that extended from the Ramezay entrance to the next block led to people asking what the exhibition was about; hearing chants along the lines of “C’est juste une musee!” These chants were completely correct. The sole thing relative to Quebec cuisine were laminated  pictures showing the typical meals ate by the citizens, such as Shepard’s Pie and a section where people could smell bottles filled with different herbs and spices with information accompanying each spice. Smelling those spices would not help those who had yet to eat. It only added to the growing hole in their stomachs.

The only thing that people got to partake in this event was at examining portraits of past Quebec settlers such as Jean-Talon, with his exaggerated moustache shooting upwards, pointing at where his ears are underneath his long curly hair. One could also glance at culinary pieces that pioneers used to survive in the past centuries, and glimpsing at life-sized dolls, dressed up to encapsulate the look that represented the typical man or woman in early Quebec history.

The exhibit was very similar to other events that occur throughout the year in Montreal. Its strengths were its structure and historical relevance. However, on a night where people want to be blown away in all aspects, nothing seemed to have stand out whatsoever due to its lack of originality. All the information proclaimed in this exhibit has been iterated before at the high-school level, Canadian and Quebec history class.
Sadly, even with very little expectations, one could easily leave the exhibit held unsatisfied. The pieces shown may have been fine on any other day, but thi


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