Word In The Herd

Which celebrity would you most want to have sex with and why?

“Megan Fox. I’d make a sex tape with her and brag about it to everyone.”
Ryan Mattigetz – Second Semester – Visual Arts
I doubt that someone like Megan Fox would ever agree to be filmed with someone like you. Besides, would you really want for the moment you got syphillis to be featured in a very short movie?

“Emma Watson. Wizard in school girl outfit… Hey-O!”
Forest S. – Fourth Semester – Arts & Culture
Way to go you nerd. Why don’t you just go home and fuck your life sized Storm Trooper doll.

“Justin Bieber. I love 13-year-old boys.”
Dahlia B. – Fourth Semester – General Social Science
Jesus Christ this is disturbing, yet not unexpected. I feel like more and more of you people want to get in this kid’s pants. What the hell makes him so appealing? Is it his perfectly coiffed hair? Angelic voice? … fuck now I’m in love with him.

“Johnny Depp. I want to marry him, make babies, everything!”
Andrea L. – Second Semester – Interior Design
What a fucking surprise! Who would have thought Johnny Depp would have made it onto the list of bangable celebs?! Holy shit people let’s have some imagination, where are the Kris Kristofferson’s? The Willem Dafoe’s? The Helen Mirren’s? Seriously Dawson, step your shit up.

“Robert Pattinson. Just because everyone else wants to.”
Julia F. – Fourth Semester – Visual Arts
Ahh peer pressure, I remember when I was in the seventh grade. Are you kidding though? Could you at least be kinda topical with your choice? Or maybe you’re just into guys who can give you a C-section with his teeth… yeah I read the book.

“Brad Pitt. I wanna play with his chin beard”
Catherine M-V. – Second Semester – North South
I have a feeling you’re being sarcastic, but this still needs to be addressed. Everyone remembers the hot Brad Pitt, the Fight Club Brad Pitt. Until he shaves the fucking dead ferret from his face I’m declaring Sports editor Sean Tepper sexier than Brad Pitt.

“Steven Strait. He pleasures me in my dreams and I bet he’s just as good in real life.”
Andres C. – Fourth Semester – Social Science
I don’t know who this guy is, but I feel like he’d probably be disappointing in real life. Women like you are never ever satisfied with anything.A guy could have a chocolate dick that comes money and you’d still want more.


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