The Disaster Corner

by Elayne Millar

A total of 796 people died after a record 8.8-magnitude earthquake shook Concepcion, Chile on Saturday. According to NASA the quake was so strong it shifted the Earth’s axis creating shorter days- each day will be 1.26 microseconds shorter. Officials say the number of dead people will likely increase within the next few days as they are far from finished searching through the devastation.  A large number of buildings collapsed and the Chilean Red Cross reported that around 500,000 homes were destroyed during the quake. The people of Concepcion are left without food, water, and electricity. Looting has also become a problem in the area. People are breaking into stores and leaving with bags of goods. Several humanitarian organizations are sceptical about sending aid to the area due to the city’s current violent state.

Giant waves off the port of Marseille
March 3, 2010

Two passengers were killed and fourteen others injured when a 26-foot wave crashed into a cruise ship on Wednesday. The Greek Louis Cruise Lines ship, with 1350 passengers on board was hit by the huge waves off the French port of Marseille. The waves smashed several of the ship’s windows which killed an Italian and a German. The cruise ship was sailing under the Maltese flag from Barcelona, Spain to Genoa, Italy. After the accident the ship returned to its port in Barcelona where the injured were treated.


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